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 Inco ships  ship management history


Australian Owned and Operated since 1985

The Company was formed in 1985 to build the vessel 'Sandra Marie' at Carrington Slipway, NSW for a long term charter to ICI. To this day we are Australian owned and operated.


In 1996 ship management was added to the list of services offered following the acquisition of the shipping activities of Howard Smith Industries. Starting with one wholly owned and three managed vessels. 


The Company has managed an array of bulk self dischargers, cattle carriers, container vessels and tankers.  In more recent times the company has focused on its niche of tailoring vessels to meet particular Australian trades. This involves ownership of three tankers and one Multipurpose vessel plus management of a self discharging transhipment vessel.

Inco Ships has expertise in operating ship types from conventional geared bulk carriers, through to complex self-unloading bulk cargo ships, fully automated powder cement carriers and large transhipment projects.

As an owner as well as a manager, we understand the commercial realities of operating in the modern shipping environment.

Headquarters in Sydney, with regional offices in Adelaide and Manila,

means we are never far from our core clients. 

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