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transhipment crew management companies in australia



To be considered for employment you should hold the following minimum qualifications:

*Preference is given to AMSA issued Certificates of Competency / Recognition / Proficiency

  • Certificate of Proficiency as Able Seafarer Deck, Able Seafarer Engine or Integrated Rating*

  • Medical

  • Security Awareness training/endorsements

  • For our Tanker Projects all Ratings require FAMILIARISATION tanker endorsements

  • Confined Space training (Desirable)

Deck and Engine Ratings are the general crew on a ship that are not specifically allocated to engine or deck duties. It is a skilled occupation with responsibility for both the cargo and engine areas, and requires international certification.


The work includes assisting with cargo operations, conducting engine and navigational watches, assisting with berthing and unberthing operations, and undertake general servicing and maintenance of the ship and its machinery.

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