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Inco ships training crew management


Our crew division operates from Sydney & Manila

Inco Ships recognises that crew competency and motivation are key to any vessel's safe and efficient operation. We understand the importance of selection and retention of key personnel to the overall functioning of the ship.  

Inco Ships operates crewing divisions in Sydney and Manila enabling us to meet worldwide crew and travel requirements. Our recruiting process focuses heavily on personality assessment to ensure that the prospective employee is aligned with our Company Culture.

The company offers on-going training of employees and actively encourages advancement through the ranks with particular emphasis on ratings progressing into Officer positions.

The Crewing Module of our fleet management software gives real-time access to all personnel data as well as digital copies of certificates and other training.

The system also facilitates detailed crew-change planning and qualification discrepancy reporting.  

Inco Ships offers crew supply services on a lump sum basis for any type of vessel.

Inco ships training  ship management
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